Herbert Nitsch: Freediving world records and how to live fearless

Herbert Nitsch is the freediving World Champion. He holds records in all of the disciplines of the AIDA International. In 2012 he surpassed his own previous record and reached 253 meters in the no-limit discipline. Continue reading “Herbert Nitsch: Freediving world records and how to live fearless”


Having a sweet tooth, a leaning towards gossiping and the unconscious tendency to criticize other people´s initiatives and ideas are three of the human traits that have taken us to the level of success that we have attained as a species. That, of course, assuming that having billions of copies of our genome inhabiting the planet is in itself a success. But that is another conversation. Continue reading “GETTING TO POINT C”



We just sleep too little, systematically. Sleep one of the most effective tools to boost cognitive function, anabolism and cellular regeneration, but it is very often underrated and discarded. Depending on your genetics, age, and lifestyle, you might need more or less sleep, find your sweet spot and stick to it. In any case, it is a good habit to set an alarm for the time to go to bed, not only to get up. It´s likely that if you increase your sleeping hours you will improve basic metabolic functions, increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. Besides, you will feel so much better.

Inline image 1PRINCIPLE 2 – THE ¨5 MOST¨ RULE

You have heard it before, we are the average of the five people we spend more time with. What is this related to staying lean?  Well, think about it… Besides, this rule is extensive to the five habits most frequent in our lives, or the five foods we eat most frequently, or the five thoughts that most often come to our minds. Think about all those things, draw conclusions… and up your standards!


This might sound woo woo or new agey, but it´s been shown that it works. Being grateful for what you have (or for what you don´t have… yet!) reduces anxiety and depression, and this, in turn, will help you choose better foods. What do you think it is more likely to occur when you are anxious, that you choose those appealing chocolate cookies or industrial cakes? or grass-fed beef and salad? Make a guess. Being grateful reduces cortisol, which makes you more insulin sensitive, which makes you leaner, voilà! By the way, if you can, choose to share your meals with other humans, this improves digestion and develops friendships.


Consistency is key. Even if you have a super busy life, like most of us have, or travel constantly for work, set appointments with yourself for training, eating, or whatever is important to you and you decide to do. Don´t be too ambitious setting them, but be ruthless fulfilling those commitments with yourself.