Jesús Pindado: The Future of healthcare

Jesús is one of those people that you want to have around. Knowledgeable and smart, he has a successful career in business and tech.

He is totally devoted to his position as VP of Engineering at MC10, a company that is developing wearable sensing technology for the healthcare industry.

In this interview, I ask Jesus:

What are exactly these wearable sensors that you have created at MC10.

Who is using these devices already, and who are the early adopters.

What is meant in the company´s mission statement when it says that its products are developed with the entire healthcare continuum in mind.

How exactly BioStamp and other wearables work.

How wearables, the Internet of things and other variables will disrupt the healthcare industry and our entire lives over the next decade or so.

What is MC10´s strategy as a company to gain more traction.

If they are aiming to widen the user base, or working on new products to leverage the existing users.

How MC10 came about and how it was put together.

Has the growth been steady or did the company have to pivot the strategy at some point.

What´s next for MC10, if they plan to scale already.

The whole industry is bullish on VR and gaming. Does this overlap in any way with what they do at MC10.

If there is any specific market or geographical area that you are focusing on.

Why the HQ are established in Mass.

Healthcare is an industry that is going to bring tremendous changes to humanity and the way we as humans think about ourselves… People like Aubry de Grey speak openly about immortality, Ray Kurzweil says by 2045 we will be able to download the information in our brain to new bodies, Peter Thiel and Peter Diamandis are supporting these kind of projects… and they have very successful track records… I ask Jesus what his take on all this is…

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