Thomas Winter: Master the Polo Game


Thomas Winter is one of those top athletes that are both, extremely talented in their sport, and very good at conveying basic principles of what they do. He is an outstanding communicator and coach.

As a professional polo player, he is one of the most prominent figures of the game in Europe, and he plays internationally. But his ability to teach and coach polo dwarfs his own accomplishments in the field.

He is training a new generation of competitive young polo players that is yielding incredible results. He also helps non-professionals to improve their game and introduces newcomers to the sport. His polo school, one of the best, has its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, and subsidiary facilities in Argentina and Spain.

In this podcast, I meet Thomas in a cold February morning at the Win Polo Schule Headquarters in Hamburg, we sit down overlooking the indoor arena and I ask him about:

What it is about polo that hooks from day one.

How and where he first started playing the game.

How he felt the day he became a 5-goal polo player and the best in Germany.

How to get a feel a polo and learn in safely manner.

What they do at Win Polo Schule and how they game has gain popularity in Germany.

Why is Argentina the home of polo today, where the best horses and the best players come from.

What the German Polo Horse Breed is.

How the perfect horse and the perfect polo player would look like.

What he would do in other life if he couldn´t be a professional polo player.

What is the best piece of advice that he has ever received.


Thomas is a doer. They say that those who can, do, and those who can´t, teach. Whoever said that, didn´t know Thomas.

I hope you enjoy it!



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