Tim Ward: Polo Adventures


Tim WARD is fully devoted to polo. He plays and coaches all over the world and he is one of the head instructors at Win Polo Schule in Hamburg, Germany.

For this episode of the podcast, we meet at the Barralina Polo Club in Majorca, in the Balearic Islands. Majorca is one of the many places around the globe where he teaches and coaches the game of polo.

Tim Ward is not only an outstanding polo player, he is fully devoted to the game and a talented instructor and coach. I was lucky to spend some time with him and other polo enthusiasts in this rising polo destination in the Mediterranean, he taught me some tricks with the mallet, and we had great fun!

Here are some of the questions I asked Tim:

You coach and introduce people to polo in locations all around the world, what are the most common mistakes people make when approaching this sport?

Which skill would you say is more important for a beginner to have on the field: The ability with the ball, being a good rider or vision of the game?

We are all time-constrained, what are the biggest misuses of time that you see often in recreational polo players when they train their polo skills?

What is the part of your game that you regularly need to go back to and work on?

Unlike other equestrian disciplines, polo is very demanding for the rider. To what extent is it important to train physically? Do you follow yourself any type of program? 

Has polo changed at all compared to how it was, say, 20 years ago? Is it getting faster? Is it getting more technical? Rougher?

Who are the younger upcoming stars that will take the throne from the Cambiasos and the Pieres of this world…? Do you see anything new or different in this generation?

What would you say it is the biggest misconception about polo? Something people think about the game that is obviously not true.

We are witnessing worldwide a rise in the popularity of sports and activities that are, not only very challenging physically, but also mentally, activities that touch the anthropological nerve of the warrior within us. Polo falls definitely in this category, it is like going to war… To what extent do you think that has played a part in the increase of its popularity?

Why are we seeing more and more snow polo? What is behind this trend?

We are on the beautiful island of Majorca, which is gaining momentum as a polo destination. Are people getting tired of long haul travel to play and train in the winter? Do you think this trend will accelerate in the coming years? 

Who do you admire in the polo world, a player, or former player?

As much as you love polo, I am sure there must be moments when you need to unwind and do something different, I would imagine it is a healthy and necessary thing to do. What do you do when that happens? What other activity clears your head and your spirit?

What is the best piece of advice that you have ever received? Could be about polo, could be anything…


Tim is an incredible guy to have around, I hope you enjoy it!



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